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Window Protection Film

Filmtapes's Window Protection Film offers temporary protection for any smooth surfaces such as: Glass, Floor, Window, uPVC and Work Top surfaces etc. Masking film protects against splashes of plaster, paint, dirt or dust.

Dot not use on PVDF, Plastisol, Polyurethanic paints
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NOTE: The information and general characteristics provided on this page are given in good faith. They must only be used as a guide. You are reminded that Filmtape expressly recommends its customers always to carry out a full test before using a selected product. In particular, this test must take into account the type of material on which the product will actually be used, its surface condition, work constraints and also the actual duration and various conditions of ageing required by the customer. Furthermore, Filmtape can in no way be held responsible for incorrect use of the products sold or the consequences of their being used for other purposes than those for which they are ordinarily intended.