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New floor compound launched
Ardex have launched a new ready to use, water based moisture retarder. This is a ready to use product applied in two coats which has been developed to suppress moisture in new concrete where relative humidity readings do not exceed 95%. ARDEX MVS 95 comes in 12kg tubs and is the perfect product for either new projects or refurbishments.

Fast drying and in resealable containers the product is also suitable for use on heated screeds. Once applied ARDEX fast drying levelling and smoothing compounds can be applied after 2 hours. For consumer safety the product has been developed to be low in volatile organic compounds. This product will help when underlay and carpets are laid upon this new surface and any carpet protection film is required.

Recycling award goes to Desso
DESSO, has picked up the main prize this year, for its contribution to recycling and was presented with their Award at this year’s Carpet Recycling conference.

The UK last year, made great strides in recycled carpet tiles, and Desso made a significant contribution, by recycling nearly 500,000 tiles. These annual awards, are open to all Carpet Recycling UK members, highlight the work done by businesses like Desso, who recycle the carpet fibres from carpet tiles and use them in new manufacturing processes. This helps reduce the half a million tons of carpet waste that is buried in UK landfill sites nationally, and Desso who started carpet tile recycling back in 2008, has successfully diverted over 500,000 tonnes of carpet from landfill to recycling or energy recovery. Filmtape helps in the destruction of carpets when renovations are carried out by building companies, by providing a protective carpet film, that protects carpets and flooring during this work.

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