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Carpet Protection Film

FLOORX® CARPET offers the easiest way to protect carpets from dirt and damage during periods of dirty foot traffic when building work or decorating is being carried out.

This specialist film is a very effective carpet protector. This innovative carpet film is easy to use and remove when the work is done.

Carpet protection film 3 Carpet protection film 4

FLOORX® CARPET is a low tack self adhesive carpet protection film, which can also be used as a replacement for dust sheets. FLOORX® CARPET sticks directly to the carpet, unlike sheeting which just lies on the carpet and can be easily kicked up!

Only one person is needed to temporarily cover large areas with this effective temporary floor protection system.

FLOORX® CARPET is available in sizes from 500mm . 1200mm wide and is one of the most widely used carpet protection films within the building / decorating industry. There is an introductory offer for the 500mm available including free delivery to a UK mainland address. Shop. to visit our online secure store

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